Shocking Bee Pollen Benefits

People are taking bee pollen for a variety of reasons such as wanting to get back or boost their energy, have better endurance, rejuvenate the skin, control their weight or just to improve their overall health.  Are bee pollen benefits really that good?

Natural bee pollen is readily available on the market and many people are taking the opportunity to get the desired health that they want in the natural way.

The pollen from the bee is a fantastic discovery that dates all the way back to ancient times and is now becoming more and more popular due to the health promoting properties of this superfood. Most online nutritionist are pushing their clients to use natural foods.The three most common ways of taking bee pollen are as follows:

-granules, which are natural pollen which can be used by mixing with food,
-pills or tablets
-capsules, which are powdered bee pollen inside a gelatine container for easy swallowing.

By using pills or capsules you can be sure of getting the correct dosage at all times.

Bee Pollen Benefits – What Are The Health Benefits?

The health benefits of bee pollen and the other products of the bee hive are the colony’s main protein food source, and as such is packed with all the nutrients which allows the bees to lead their incredibly busy lifestyles.

Protein in the form of free amino acids makes up 40% of the protein and these exceed the amino acids in cheese, beef and eggs.

It also includes the known 96 nutrients which includes vitamins, minerals, enzymes, co-enzymes and fatty acids – in fact the perfect multivitamin which sharpens the brain, provides increased energy and a general sense of well being.

Here are some of the top bee pollen benefits:

-a natural energizer as mentioned above and often used by athletes for energy and endurance
-strengthens the immune system as it is rich in anti-oxidants,
-relieves stress
-reduces allergies
-weight control by balancing the body’s metabolism
-skin rejuvenator and acne control as pioneered by Dr Lars-Erik Essen of Sweden
-good prostate health and increased fertility

Are There Any Side Effects?

It is always best to start off slowly with bee pollen in the unlikely event that you might get an allergic reaction. Reduce the recommended dose to an absolute minimum for the first few days then if no allergic reaction you can step it up to the maximum recommended dose.

Of course, if you know you are allergic to bees and bee products then this product should be avoided altogether or maximum care taken such as consulting your doctor first.

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