Low Carb High Fat Diet

A low carb high fat diet can seem very odd to people who are more used to conventional low fat and high fiber diets when they are trying to lose weight. This is because foods that are allowed in almost limitless amounts on traditional such as fruit and vegetables, rice and pasta are either very heavily restricted or banned altogether, and foods that you wouldn’t touch on a low fat plan like full fat cheese, fatty meat and egg yolks are considered completely fine on low carb diets like Atkins.  Using a custom meal planner can help you determine what to eat.

Additionally, on a low fat diet, you would have to use low at alternatives to fatty foods, such as low fat mayonnaise and low fat butter alternatives, and reduced fat cheese – these are not allowed on Atkins, you are encouraged to eat the full fat versions. So, why is this the case?

Well, the body can be fuelled by either fat, or by carbohydrate. Carbohydrate is stored initially as glycogen in your muscles, and this is the body’s preferred energy source. What isn’t used is converted to fat to be stored for later use when no glycogen is available. In a standard, non weight loss diet, this basically never happens, there is always glycogen there from your food, and the body uses that, leaving the fat reserves untouched, and your weight stays the same. If you eat too much fat and/or too much carbohydrate, there is always an excess which is stored, and you gain weight.  Finding the right fat burner pills can help with this problem

Problems With A Low Carb High Fat Diet

If you dramatically reduce the number of calories you take in, which is easiest to do by cutting out fat as it contains the most calories per gram of the food groups, you will lose weight. This is a traditional diet.

If you dramatically cut the amount of carbohydrate you eat, so there is no glycogen for the body to use, it switches to fat as its primary source of fuel, and you lose weight. This is a low carb diet.

Because a low carb diet forces the body to switch from a glycogen burning machine to a fat burning machine (and this can take a few days, so you need to be on a low carb diet “all the time” for it to work, unlike a low fat diet where a setback isn’t that big a deal), you do need to take in some extra energy from fat, no matter how much fat you have in your body already to burn off, otherwise you are starving the body.

If you were to attempt to eat a diet that was both low in fat and in carbs, you would only be eating protein, and protein, whilst needed by the body for a lot of its chemical processes, is not a good source of energy.

This is why you have to pick one approach or the other – because your body can work in one of two ways, to lose weight you either have to ally yourself with fat or with carbs.

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